Image Replacement from PDF

Hello, Starting from a pdf, I separated out a number of items. In working with the documents, I had to remove photographs from three of the items. I have not been able to relink images that live within the original pdf. Is there advice on how to proceed. Many thanks!

Could you elaborate on this a little bit? I’m not sure I fully understand the question. You imported PDFs and then removed individual photos/pages from three items. This will not alter the original PDF at all, it’s only within the Tropy project that those pages are removed. By relinking those images – do you mean you want to bring back those photos you removed? You can do that by importing the original PDF a second time (in preferences, you may need to disable the option that skips duplicate files on import).

Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. It was the second issue and changing the preferences to skip duplicates did the trick. My best.