Images Keep "Unconsolidating"

Hi there,

I’m using Tropy mostly for images of artworks (I’m working on an art history dissertation). I understand Tropy needs to access an external folder where images are hosted, so I have a designated Dropbox folder where I keep the “raw” files. My steps have been to upload files into Dropbox, give them a perfunctory label, and then drag that file into Tropy and add more metadata. However, the majority of files are getting “unconsolidated,” despite no changes on my end to their file names on Dropbox or the images itself. Even images from a few days ago are getting the exclamation mark in the corner. Does anyone have a sense of where Tropy is losing access to the files? Using “consolidate photo library” in the File menu doesn’t seem to do anything. The folder path on my Mac has been Users/josephhenry1/Dropbox and onto the files folder.

And I’m sure this has been raised in other posts, but there really is no market for a program that can organize metadata like Tropy yet host files directly. Zotero, for example, can host PDFS and provide metadata. I think people would gladly pay for image storage in this way!

Thanks though!