Images not showing for tags

Me again! Sorry. When I click on a tag on the left hand side, no images are showing in the main area. I double checked that the main search box was empty when I did this. I tried it for multiple tags.

Have you also checked that the project name is selected in the sidebar? That is, no list or similar (deleted items, last import) is currently selected?

It’s also possible, though unlikely, that there is more than one tag selected: if select tags with the Ctrl/Cmd key pressed down, the previously selected tags stay active and you will only see items having both tags assigned to them.

Finally, please double-check that there is at least one item currently tagged with the selected tag?

If the issue persists through all this, could you share your project file with us to see if we can reproduce the problem?

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Now feeling super dumb. It was the first one – I hadn’t selected the project name. Duh. Thanks for the response.