Images will not display individually

So I have read through the forms and cannot find a permanent fix for this. My images always have the exclamation point in a triangle by them and when double clicked will not display. I thought I had corrected this (I followed the webgl fix of true to false, but every time I open the program, I can see the list of my images, and none will display individually.

I also did the consolidate images

Can you try to consolidate a single photo individually (via the context menu on the photo in the panel, not the item in the project view!). If Tropy can’t find your photo this should prompt you to pick out the photo at its current location (this typically happens if you moved or renamed the original photo location) – if this prompt shows up, locate the photo on your hard drive and after confirming the dialog, Tropy will ask if all other photos should be fixed in a similar way (in most cases this should fix all the photos).

If you are not prompted to find the original photo then the error is not that Tropy can’t find the photos, but something different. In most cases this will be an issue with file permissions. In any case, if you copy the tropy.log file (Help -> Show log files) after you do this and post it here, it may help clear up the issue.

Thanks. Yes, that worked but it took a couple of tries. I moved all the original images to a folder right on the desktop as it seems nested folders are confusing. And I had to ask it to consolidate a number of individual images until it finally agreed to do them all. Seems to be fine now! Thanks. Really like the software and finding it very useful!