Import Export between Projects?

I think I asked this as a side-question in an earlier topic, but I want to bring this up as a new topic since it seems important to me: is it already possible to export items / groups of items / lists from one project and import them in another project? I don’t see this function in Tropy 1.01, but perhaps I am missing it. I don’t know about other users, but I consider this a very helpful feature to interact between projects.

We’re still finalizing the export format so copying between projects is not supported yet. Stay tuned!

I’d also add that if you find yourself needing to share items between a number of projects frequently, you might not be thinking of your project in large enough terms. To avoid having to do a lot of transfers, we recommend that you make your project as broad as possible (like, for instance, a book instead of just one chapter, or a whole dissertation rather than just a section of it).

i am still waiting for this improvement!