Import metadata from csv file / using permalinks to online digital images

Hello to all
I am new to Tropy and read the documentation and searched the forum for this question.
I understand Tropy was basically designed to help manage personal digitized research documentation, but as it has many interesting features for a wider use, here is my question, which is two-fold :
I have some hundreds of basic descriptions of photos I want to work on, under xml and csv format, but not always the photos, which are available from digital libraries (then I collect their ARK Id, or any permalink available).
If I map correctly my project Tropy template so that it matches the frame of my csv, is there a way of importing these metadata as a bulk, and avoide mistakes and item per item metadata filling.

And, if I don’t want or cannot store the images on my PC, is there a compliance with IIIF protocol so that the images in open public digital libraries can be displayed in Tropy


These are all great points. I think we’ve planned to address all of them in the current development cycle. There is no fixed timeline yet, but full JSON-LD import is crucial and not too far away; it should give us a relatively easy path for supporting other input formats.

Right now you could import CSV directly into your project database (i.e., convert the CSV to SQL statements); I’d be happy to help with that, but it’s probably best to wait for JSON-LD import, because Tropy’s data model is relatively complex.

thank you! I’ll make a try with some help here and get back to you if needed.

This comment might help get started. Just thought I’d leave this here in case it’s helpful!