Import metadata to items

I have a collection of 1200+ items that I’m migrating from another DAM tool. I’ve created the template but I’d like to be able to import (CSV?) file to fill in the fields. Is the Import JSON-LD coming soon?

Importing JSON-LD is planned for one of the 1.6.x releases this fall. Not 1.6.0 which, should be ready real soon now, but one of the point releases after that.

Any thought to creating a tab delimited or csv import also?

Our initial plan was to provide hooks for the plugin system to cover import in a similar way to export. Export plugins currently are provided with the exported JSON-LD along with some helper functionality. For import, the idea is similar: allow the plugin to define some criteria (e.g., that it wants to be handed CSV files) and have the plugin convert that to JSON-LD which Tropy then imports.

An official CSV plugin will have to cover CSV files like those generated by our CSV export plugin.

Checking back in on this request. Wondering if you’ve made any headway? Or if it’s on a schedule for this year at all?

Yes, though we moved this back to the 1.7 release. 1.7 is already in beta, JSON-LD import is the last missing piece that we’re currently working on. Don’t want to jinx this, but it should ready soon now.

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Hi, I’m new here but as this was the exact question I wanted to ask bumping this seemed better than asking again.

Just wanted to check if there is now a way of importing existing metadata (currently in excel)?


JSON-LD import has been implemented in the meantime, so there’s definite pathway for importing existing metadata by converting the Excel/CSV data to a corresponding JSON structure first – this should not be too difficult, but it does require some rudimentary scripting skills.

There’s a similar thread here that might be instructive to read, and we’re also happy to help. To get started, I’d suggest to take one or two sets of your metadata and think about how you would expect the corresponding Tropy items to look after import; then actually create such an item by hand and copy/paste the item from Tropy into a text editor to see the corresponding JSON-LD structure. The exported item will have some boilerplate stuff (specifically, don’t be worried by the whole @context) – in practice you’ll just have to decide how your rows correspond to item/photo metadata and populate the corresponding parts of the item.