Import photos, nothing shows up

I’ve been using Tropy for years and love it. But recently I’ve begun having a problem when trying to import photos into my project. I add the photos from a file folder on my computer, and Tropy runs its import for the photos. But nothing shows up in the project. I’ve tried checking for updates, restarting my computer, adding photos in different ways ("+" feature, drag and drop, import under file tab) and all the same–the program goes through the motion as if its importing, but nothing shows up once the import is done running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

In the preferences, do you have the ‘during import’ option set to ‘skip duplicate photos’? In that case, it’s possible that the photos you are trying to import are already in the project (maybe under a different name) and so Tropy skips them. To find out you could change the preference and import again – if it works that time then those photos already exist in your project.

If this does not solve it, could you try importing one more time and afterwards save the log file and post it here? We’ll take a closer look.

That was exactly the issue! I changed the setting to “accept duplicates” and it started importing them and they showed up. You were right about the images being under a different name, but I wanted to double them for different purposes.

Thank you so much for your help! I’m so grateful for the quick and easy to follow response!