Import templates in JSON format

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Tropy’s instructions for importing templates say that the only supported format is “.ttp”. So far, I have had no problems successfully loading templates created by Omeka S in ttp format. However, since the latest version (3.1.1), Omeka S only exports templates in “.json” format. So, will Tropy support templates in “.json” format soon? Otherwise, Omeka S users will have a serious problem.
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could you try to rename the .json file to .ttp and check if the import works this way?


changing the file extension doesn’t work. I have renamed the template to “.ttp” and the system responds “Error”. Attached image and log file:
tropy.log (16.8 KB)



thank you for checking. May I ask you to report the issue on the Omeka forums? This seems to be an issue that has to be solved on the Omeka side.

Hello, it was my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I sincerely apologize.