Import Utility: Auto-fill "Box" Metadata with OS folder name

Hi, I’m just experimenting with Tropy. When I save photos to my hard drive, I always put them into a folder (on Mac OS Finder) that has a short but complete version of the Archive-Box-Folder (e.g. LBJ-NSF-CF-82-7 for Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, National Security Files, Country Files Box 82, Folder 7). Is there anyway to automatically fill the “Box” metadata entry on Tropy with the Mac OS folder name?

It’s not hard to just fill this in by selecting “All” from the “Most Recent Import” and pasting the name in, but this would reduce one step, and avoid mistakes in filling in this base level metadata.

Currently that’s not possible, but we’re planning to add import plugins for such use cases.

i have similar problem. is there any good news for the plugins?

No, not yet unfortunately.

But if you’d like to tell us a little more about your case we might be able to help.

i put all of my images in a single folder. how to instruct tropy to import those images automatically to the library every time i put new images to the folder.

We want to address this using watch folders.

Until then, the best workaround is to enable the preference to ignore duplicate photos and import new photos by selecting all the photos in the folder every time. This way, Tropy will only the new photos, skipping all the photos that had been imported before.

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it will be great.
i’ll wait for this?