Importing Directly into Lists

Hello -

I’m wondering if it is possible to import photos directly into lists, instead of directly into the main page with all of the photos in my project. When I only had a small number of photos, this wasn’t an issue. I could simply import my photos into the main frame and then drag them over to a given list. As the number of photos in my project has grown, it is becoming more time-consuming to locate my newly imported photos and then drag them into a given list. If I could import directly into a list, it would save a lot of time. (Unless there is a way to sort photos/items by last imported - that would also solve the problem).

Many thanks -

Best, Annie

You can import photos into Tropy by dragging the files into the project window; if you drag the files on to an existing list, the photos will be imported and added to the respective list.

Furthermore, there is a special ‘Last Import’ list in the sidebar. It always contains those items that were most recently imported; so you could also import your items via the menu, then select the ‘Last Import’ list, select all the items and drag them to the list you want them to go.

Got it! The “last import” list does the trick. Thanks!!