Importing IIIF manifests from the Library of Congress

I’ve recently been experimenting with the IIIF importer. I’ve had good results with getting digital collections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s IIIF manifest (for example, from the JSON downloaded via the IIIF manifest link provided here: here. I’ve also gotten the plugin to work with Harvard Digital Collections (for example, here): in this case, I click the “Copy Manifest Link”, which copies a URL to the clipboard, and then when the importer dialogue asks me to select a file from my hard drive I just paste in the URL rather than pointing to a downloaded file, and it automatically pulls the images into Tropy.

When I try to import manifests from the Library of Congress, however, something seems to go wrong. For example, after downloading the manifest from the Olmsted Associates Records here, Tropy simply spins its wheels for a little while and then nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to use something besides the default IIIF template to make this work?

It looks like the plugin produces invalid data because it gets confused by the empty ‘seeAlso’ value in that manifest. We’ll have to update the plugin to address this!

Meanwhile, you can work around this by opening the manifest file in a text editor and removing the string seeAlso: [], close to the beginning of the data.

Thanks, that worked perfectly!