Importing multiple photos into lists

I discovered how to import multiple photos into Tropy but it always goes into the Recently Imported list. From there I can transfer photos into my other lists but I can only do it one at a time. Is there either a way to import the photos directly into one of the lists I have created or is there a way to transfer the photos from the recently imported list into my created lists all at once, rather than one at a time?

You can select multiple items by clicking on them while holding the shift or ctrl/cmd Key like in most other applications (shift selects a range of items, ctrl/cmd adds/removes items from the selection) or by using shift and arrow up/down. If you want to quickly select all the items in a view (e.g. in the Last Import collection), you click on any of the items (to make sure the list has the input focus) and press Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all items.

When multiple items are selected and you drag any one of them to a list, all the items will be added to the list (the drag preview should indicate the number of items being dragged).

If you know, ahead of time, that you want to import all photos into a specific list, you can also import the items directly into that list. Again, there are multiple ways to do that: select the list and then press the + button, the imported items will be added to the list; similarly, if you drag multiple photos into Tropy from your file manager, you can drop them directly on to a list in the sidebar to import them straight into that list.