Importing Photos Into Tropy

I discovered Tropy yesterday and am enjoying it very much. Part of the reason I started using it was that I was hoping to get rid of many of the pictures in my Google Drive/harddrive as it’s getting rather full, and will continue to do so. So I initially was importing photos into Tropy on the assumption that, like Scrivener, it would store the photos in the program itself. I quickly learned that this was not the case, and have solved the problem for the most part.

Would it be possible to import pictures into Tropy and save them there, rather than on my computer/cloud/Google drive in case I end up moving them around and then have to find everything again?

I realise that the thumbnail still exists after I delete the picture, but I can’t seem to get them large enough for me to read the text, so if that could get resolved, that would also solve my problem.

Thank you!

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Yes, we’re working on a second ‘managed’ project variant; for the current project we wanted to ensure users have flexibility how and where to store the photos (because for some projects the photos will be kept across different drives, maybe not all of them accessible all the time). A managed project will allow less flexibility, but on the other hand, since Tropy will have full control over the photos it will be easier to handle (and easier to move projects around).

Excellent, thank you!