Improved sorting for columns with digits

I’m not sure how many other people out there have the same type of issue as I do here. In order to try to minimize the potential for multiple images with the same file names throughout my various research folders, I rename all the images in each folder with the date that the image was captured and the number of the SD card I used on that day.

My problem is that Tropy then sorts the photos like this:

You can see that it’s not sorting these types of file names according to the absolute value of the entire number, but is sorting based on the numerical value of each digit in the number as a whole. This makes it laborious to work with multi-page documents, since the Tropy isn’t displaying the images in the order in which they were captured.

Would it be possible to include a means of sorting these types of file names in the same manner as the Windows file explorer?

Yes, ‘natural sorting’ is a long-standing issue that we’re working on. We hope to address this in the upcoming Tropy 1.6 release.

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Great! I love what I’ve seen of Tropy so far, so it’d be great to be able to have the natural sorting.