Inputting ISO time information defaults to UTC

When I include in a dc:date field date and time information in ISO format for a given item, it seems as though the default behavior is for the program to assume that I’m inputting the time information for UTC and then the time is automatically converted to my current time zone (in my case, Eastern Standard Time). So, for example, if I input data for a telegram sent on Dec. 12, 1927 at 2:55 p.m. as “1927-12-19T14:55:00”, what automatically appears is “Dec. 19, 1927, 9:55 AM”. It seems likely that in most cases users are interested in inputting dates as they appear in the original materials, not the converted time, so could this default behavior be changed or made optional?

Thanks for reporting, we’ll fix this in the next minor release!

I think what we want to do is always save the original date input; if the input is without time zone information, it should always be interpreted as the current time zone on your computer (i.e., it should always say 14:55 for example, no matter where/when you currently are).

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Just a quick update: this should be fixed in Tropy 1.4.1.