Install Failure March 28th 2018

I just tried to install the w64-bit version but it failed. I have the log file. What do I have to do to fix it? Regards, Peter

SquirrelSetup.log (91.2 KB)

I’m sorry, but we don’t currently provide 32-bit builds. (It’s possible to build Tropy on 32-bit platforms, but we don’t currently provide them officially).

Sorry, I meant to say 64bit

And you’re on a 64-bit system, right?

yes, running windows 10

Can you double check in your system settings that the installed version of Windows 10 is really 64-bit? You can check in Settings -> System -> About where is should list the bit architecture of both the OS and the CPU under System type.

Wow… it’s a 32 bit OS. Pentium4. Sorry to take up your time. PDP