Intall Tropy in Linux Mint 20.3

Maybe is an unsolved question, but I follow the installation steps for Linux (Installing Tropy on Ubuntu 17.10).

Apparently all steps are ok because Terminal doesn’t says any error, but Tropy don’t appears in my application menu.


Which Desktop environment are you using: Gnome, KDE, or something else?

I use cinnamon. Maybe Tropy is only avilable on Gnome?

No that’s fine you can definitely run Tropy without Gnome (though it uses GTK to draw the windows). The desktop integration probably works a little differently on Cinnamon though.

Basically, I think we want these three things:

  1. Install the Tropy icons
  2. Add a launcher to the application menu, using the Tropy icon
  3. Register the mime-types so that project files use the appropriate icon and you can open them from the file manager

On all the Linux distros I know you can usually just install the icons to ~/.local/share/icons as explained in the INSTALL file. Alternatively, you can install them for all users to /usr/share/icons.

To add a launcher you normally add the a *.desktop file to the appropriate location (this file can reference the icons by name and the system will always pick the best icon size by default if the icons have been installed correctly).

Finally, I think the mime-type installation should also work the way it’s outlined in the INSTALL file. You can check if this worked using these commands:

xdg-mime query filetype path/to/a/tropy/project/file

If you use this command (with the actual path of a .tpy file) it should print 'application/vnd.tropy.tpy` as result. If it does that, then it looks like the mime types have been registered correctly.

You can then try this:

xdg-mime query default application/vnd.tropy.tpy

This should print the name of the *.desktop file you installed, most likely ‘tropy.desktop’. If this is the case you could try double clicking a project file in your file manager to see if it opens in Tropy.

If Tropy starts also observe if the application is showing the Tropy icon (e.g. in the app switcher).

If all this works so far, I think the desktop integration is largely working, and it’s probably only a question how to make the app appear in Cinnamon’s app menu. As far as I know the INSTALL instructions should work here as well, but it’s possible that you also need to make the .desktop file executable. To do this you can try to:

chmod a+x ~/.local/share/applications/tropy.desktop

If this still doesn’t work it’s most likely that the ‘exec’ path in the desktop file is not pointing to where you have Tropy installed. To test this, could you post the output of the following commands:

cat ~/.local/share/applications/tropy.desktop

To print the contents of the desktop file. In there should be a line starting with Exec= and the path to where Tropy is installed, for example /opt/tropy/tropy – to make sure this path exists on your system run:

ls -l /opt/tropy/tropy

I’m using cinnamon. Maybe Tropy is only available on Gnome?