Integers/strings not affecting items order

My archive items have Box and Folder numbers. Since those numbers are treated as strings and not integers by the UI, their order is messy and not useful at all. I figured that it is possible to change from string to integer in the item metadata model, but the UI continues to order them as if they were strings.
Is there any particular reason for this behavior ? I thought the solution would be very straightforward by changing data type.


After checking the forum, I see this question has been raised. As of September 2020, one of the (seems to be) main developers said that addressing this issue was a high priority. So my question now would rather be if something has already been done, or if it will happen soon.

Thanks !

We’re planning to use an SQLite extension that provides natural sort order (i.e., sort values like strings but numbers in strings in their numeric order). When we update the database layer in version 1.17 – this is the planned for the second quarter of 2024 and I do hope we’ll get to it finally.

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