Is it possible to create nested folders/How to deal with huge amount of lists?

Hey there!

I have a use case where I do research on many mobile apps (take screenshots - thousands of them) and then want to categorize using lists for each app, but I would like to put those apps into parent categories, so It’s better reachable by navigating through tropy.

Also I would like to ask, how can I search for two or more tags? I would like to tag screenshots with up to 4 tags for example, based on different parameters, but I see that I can’t search for more that one tag, but I would need that a lot.


in order to create a nested list, select a list, right click and choose New List from the context menu. You can also drag existing lists onto another list or at a position inside it (in case it is expanded).

To use more than one tag to filter your items simply ctrl + click (Windows) or cmd + click (macOS) on multiple tags in the tag list.