Issues with Drag and Drop

Hello! Thanks in advance for y’alls help.

I am attempting to drag and drop images from a museum’s website into tropy so that I can begin sorting and tagging them for a project. I have to use chrome for work, so that is my current browser. I am able to drag images in and the box lights up blue, but when I let go/release them nothing happens and they do not save/show up.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something? I am new to this program so it’s quite likely user error, but I’ve not been able to find an answer or resolution.

Hm, this has possibly something to do with the way Chrome hands off the images to the operating system when you drag them. On which operating system is this? We’ll try to reproduce the issue there.

Are you dragging the image out of a website? If so, try to open the image in a new tab first (typically you can do this from the context menu). When dragging the image out from a separate tab like that does not work, the next thing you can try to do is drag the URL (from the location bar) instead of the image (note that the URL in this case must be the URL to image file).