Items in list suddenly freezing

One item in a list started ‘flashing’ and the entire list was frozen: I couldn’t click and open any of the items in the list, or I could click and modify the title of an item.

I recorded a small video, which shows you the problem, then me going to another list which worked fine, then returning to the list with the problem which suddenly (for the first time since this morning) disappeared and restarted functioning normally. Until it restarted freezing again…

Interesting. This looks like a bug we had in version 1.11 but which should be fixed in 1.12. Does this only happen sporadically or does it happen every time when you try to edit a field in the item list (e.g., by selecting an item in the list and then single-clicking on the title)?

I would answer it happens every time. But of course when I recorded the video, at the end of the recording, I was able to select an item… but this was the only time it happened.

Since I discovered it this morning, it only happens with the same list, that I created this morning.

I shut down Tropy and reopened, and at first I thought I was able to select the item but then it restarted freezing.

Can you try editing another item via the item list? It looks like this particular item is stuck in the editing state for some reason. If you edit another item’s field (via the item list, not the metadata panel!) this state would be cleared. It would also be cleared by restarting Tropy which might explain why it looked like the issue went away.

Just to make sure, you’re on version 1.12 right?

I couldn’t edit via the item list (actually, that’s how I discovered the issue: I just wanted to correct a title). But I’ve just edited through the metadata panel on the right and it seems to have solved the matter.

Yes, I’m on version 1.12 (using MacOS 11.6.8).

OK thanks. This suggests that the the issue we thought we fixed in 1.12 is still present after all, but presumably it’s much harder to reproduce now.

What seems to have happened is that the the item’s list element was stuck in limbo of being or not being editable. We’ll look into it!

Because we’ve not had any other reports I’m guessing that this was a rare occurrence that you can probably ignore, but in case you do notice this again please let us know. Most likely the item’s title was being edited because you clicked on it and then something happened that caused the element to enter this frozen state (scrolling, window losing focus, etc.).

I’ll let you know if this happens again!

(Could a long title could cause the issue? I regularly notice that when I type very fast a long title, the letters do not appear as I type them on the screen, and it’s only after a pause that everything I typed shows up.)

Yes this could be a related, thanks for mentioning it!

It’s just done it again, out of the blue. I was editing titles from the list view and one started flashing and this prevented me from doing anything in the list. Changing the selected list didn’t do anything, as when I came back to the original list where the item was flashing, it kept flashing. When I tried to edit the name of the list, the item stopped flashing. But when I tried to edit the item, it started flashing again. I closed Tropy, reopened, reselected the item in question, and it restarted flashing… What solved the issue was that I edited the title in the metadata panel instead of the item list. Not sure it helps but this happened to be a very long title.

Thanks! Yes, it definitely must be caused by of the overflow of long values. We’ll figure it out for the next release!

Hello! I’ve encountered this issue before as well and it can be annoying! In the meantime, I’ve found some workarounds until it’s fixed in the next release. If a title starts flashing, hit “Esc” and it will stop. To edit without it flashing, expand the title column in list view so that the values aren’t hidden. Obviously challenging for a very long title…but then you can also edit in the metadata panel too. Good luck!

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