Items missing from Tropy project

I started a new Tropy project yesterday with three items (documents) made up of multiple photos. I created a list and put two in one folder and one in another, and added notes and tags. After a certain point, I worked intensively only one of the items, which was alone in that folder. Today after a few hours of work on that same item, I went to work on one of the others that was in the other folder and noticed neither of those was there. The photos, metadata and notes seem to be gone; only the tags seem to remain. The items are neither in the list view, nor in the project anymore.

The only thing I can think is that I’m working off campus and that partway through my work, potentially after I had created all three items, I launched VPN, which would have triggered my Documents folder to back up. After I realized the items were missing today, I logged into VPN in the hope that the data from yesterday would reappear; unfortunately it didn’t. I’ve also looked at the file backed up late yesterday and the two items are not there either. Help?

could you elaborate on how exactly your backup works?

Our IT department set it up – it backs up to MS One Drive. I could find out if it would be helpful, but the items reappeared several hours later. Now I’m just making sure only to connect on VPN either before opening a tropy session, or after.