Laptop overheating


Hi all,

my laptop gets hot and the fan is constantly on when Tropy is on. Does it happen to anyone?

Thank you.


Could you tell us which operating system and version you have installed on your laptop?

You say the fan is constantly on while Tropy is on – is this only while you’re working in Tropy or does it stay on even if you don’t do anything in it (e.g., if you just let it sit for 1-2 minutes without doing anything)?


Thank you for your reply!

The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. The fan is on only while I’m working in Tropy otherwise it goes off.


We don’t officially support Windows 7, which means I don’t have a test environment to reproduce this, but my guess it that there is likely an issue in Tropy with regard to your graphics card or driver. Tropy renders your photos using WebGL and there have been known issues with some older windows drivers in that regard.

Could you try to see if these steps help:

  1. Select Help -> Show User-Data folder from the menu
  2. This should open up windows explorer; leave that window open for a moment, switch back to Tropy and close Tropy
  3. With Tropy closed, open the state.json file in Notepad (or another text editor). In this file, find the part where it says "webgl":true and change it to "webgl":false. Please be careful only to change true into false and leaving all the rest exactly as is.
  4. Save the file and restart Tropy

With this change Tropy will use 2d rendering as a fallback to display images. This means that some of the image manipulation filters (e.g., contrast, brightness, sharpen filters etc.) will be disabled, but it might tax your laptop less. Hope this helps!