"Last Edited" field

Dear tropy-community,

I have a question concerning the “last edited”-field: Unfortunately, this field is NOT updated in the data base. At a quick glance, I have the impression that “last edited”:
-Either the same date as “Added”.
-or a default date, for example Nov 4, 2020, which is very common.

Therefore my question: What does “Last edited” react to and how can I set it to show the last change if necessary?

Thank you very much for your help.

Which field are you referring to? If you mean the ‘Modified’ field, this should be updated when the object in question is changed. However, an item typically consists of several ‘objects’ (item, photo, selection, etc.) with their respective dates. The date is updated only when you change an object’s metadata directly, not for example when you edit a note or attach tags.