Launching without creating a new project

I’m not sure if I’m missing something simple, but I could not launch the program and select an existing project or launch by clicking on the database file. I was prompted to create a new project and had to create one before I could get to the main user interface and open my existing project. I’ve just tried it again and it opened to the main user interface, so maybe it was a one-off bug, but I thought I’d flag it for you anyways.

Thanks! We’re going to redesign the new project wizard at some point to make this easier.

Currently, Tropy should show the new project window only if there are no recent projects that you’ve opened before on this computer. It’s possible to open existing projects from the new project wizard too, by using File -> Open ... from the menu; on Windows the menu is hidden in the wizard by default, but you can access it by pressing the Alt key.

The other problem seems to be that projects don’t open on double click: is this happening on Windows or on a Mac?

I’m using a locked-down version of Windows 10, so it might be some of my institutional restrictions causing a problem?

Thanks! I rather suspect the issue is on our end somewhere (not registering the mime-types correctly). We’re in the process of switching to entirely different installer for Windows so this will be addressed soon.