Limited Tag Options


I’m trying to tag photos and I’m finding that I’m not allowed to create tags that are similar to other tags. For example, I wanted to tag a photo “RB” but I had accidentally made a typo with an old, deleted tag “rBu.” The old, deleted error tag instead kept popping up and being used, so that I ended up having to tag the item “RB-” just to get the tag I want.

For another item, I wanted to tag it “David” but because I’d already created the tag “David (Davy)”, it would only let me use this second tag. So again, I had to tag the item “David-” just to get that I actually mean.

Is this a user error on my part, or a feature that has yet to be developed?


Yes, this is an error with the tag auto-completion. It is already fixed on master and will go into the next release.

Meanwhile, you can work around this problem by creating the tag first and then assigning it. For example, you already have the tag “David (Davy)” and want to tag an item with “David”: right click on the sidebar on the left and select “New Tag”; type in “David” and press Enter. Now both tags “David” and “David (Davy)” exist and you can tag your items normally (e.g. drag the item onto the tag or use the tag adder in the the tags panel).

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