Link Items, as in zotero?

With Zotero one has the option to link metadata items directly, not through a common tag. Is anything planned in this direction for Tropy?

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(as an example, this feature could be useful to link different editions of the same book publication, if you want to keep them apart as separate items)

We’ve been discussing a few scenarios for linking items, but we don’t have any immediate plans to implement the feature. Happy to hear your thoughts on the benefits of such linking though. Right now, I would probably ‘link’ different editions using either a list or tag; adding a direct link to the item would give us a ‘short-cut’ to navigate from one item to another – but this seems only helpful if there are clear one-to-one relationships between the items Furthermore, if we link items internally in a project, are those relationships something you’d want to be able to export? Tropy’s internal ids are not helpful outside of Tropy (they are unique only within their project).