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Hey, I’m pretty new with Tropy, so please apologize, if I missed a feature or existing request.
I’m going to use Tropy to organize my research data. To integrate Tropy into my existing workflow it would be helpful to have the opportunity to attach files from outside Tropy with links to an item, similar to Zotero.

To explain my workflow: I’m working with many text documents, organized with Zotero. In my workflow I create a markdown file for each book, article etc I’m reading with important quotes, extracts and first thoughts. All these markdown files are stored in one folder and organized, linked etc. with Obsidian (or another markdown editor). From there I can connect ideas, search for keywords in all notes, sort my notes by tags and can start writing text. Therefore it’s important for me being able to search all my notes at once. If I’m creating notes for my archival documents in Tropy I would always have to search for a keyword in my notes folder as well as in Tropy.
My solution so far is to create a markdown note in my notes folder and store the tropy:// link in the first line (great feature btw!) followed by my notes afterwards. This way I can move from my note directly to the item in Tropy. In addition it would be great, if this also worked the other way round and I could link the md file to an item in Tropy and enter my notes from Tropy.
Beyond that it would be awesome if it was possible to view (and edit) linked md files in the embedded editor.

Is this something you’re planning for the future or is there a workaround or feature I didn’t figure out?

Thanks a lot and apologize my mistakes, I’m not a native speaker.

Linking to external notes is currently not possible, sorry. I’ll add it to our list of feature ideas!

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@jochen while there is no way to view/edit external files in Tropy’s text editor, you can link back to Obsidian from Tropy by using Obsidian URIs: in Obsidian, right click on a note in the sidebar and select Copy obsedian url from the context menu. This URL you can paste into a Tropy note (use the link tool to make it a working link) or even a metadata field of your choice.

Out of curiosity, how do you open the tropy:// links in Obsedian?

Thanks for the answer and the tip with the links in notes! If I would use a metadata field, would there be a way to make the link clickable?
In Obsidian (I think in other editors as well, at least in Atom it also works this way for md files) URLs become automatically hyperlinks when you write them into the link scheme TEXT.

Currently links in item metadata fields aren’t clickable, but we are looking forward to change that once we have a proper data type for links. For the time being you have to use some kind of workaround (e.g. on macOS you can quickly copy & paste the link from the metadata field into Spotlight using shortcuts and open the linked document that way).

Thanks for clarifying, the regular markdown link syntax makes sense.