List View Behavior

A couple unusual behaviors I’ve encountered when viewing items as a list in the Project View: 1) There are no handles on the right to quickly scroll through the items; 2) When I switch from list view to photo grid, I’m taken to item #1 rather than to the item that I have selected in list view.

Neither of these issues manifest when in photo grid i.e. there are handles to scroll and switching to from photo to list takes me to the same item.

Are there any workarounds or is this normal behavior?

Hmm, this does not sound right. Can you tell me your Tropy version and the version of your operating system?

There is a UX issue that we are aware of regarding the scroll bars in the table: if your table is larger than the view (i.e., you have horizontal scroll bars at the bottom) then the vertical scroll bar is only visible when you scroll all the way to the right. This will become more of an issue with the upcoming release that allows you to add columns, but it’s already apparent now if your columns are very wide or if your window is very narrow.

Here are two screenshots to illustrate the issue:

See the scroll bar at the right:

Here the scroll bar is not visible, because I’m not scrolled to the right horizontally:

If this is the issue you’re seeing, we’re aware of it, but for the mean time the only work around is to make the columns more narrow or the view wider (by resizing either the sidebar, the panel, or the window). Also note that you can of course scroll in the view using mouse or track pad even when the scroll bar is not visible.

Regarding the second issue, that’s odd, too. Can you elaborate on this? You’re viewing an item in the item view and switch back to the project view (how?) – at this point, is the item still ‘selected’ (i.e., are its metadata visible in the panel)? If it is selected, but not visible in the table (scrolled away), does it come back into focus when you tab to the project table on the keyboard?

That was an easy fix on the handles–I hadn’t even noticed the horizontal scroll bar and, indeed, I needed to ensure I was scrolled to the right to see the vertical scroll.

On the list view issue, I’m in the Project View window, viewing items in List View. When I have an item selected and then switch to Photo Grid, it takes me not to the selected item but to the first Item in the project yet still maintains the metadata for the selected item. In other words, it takes me to the photo of item #1 but shows metadata for the selected item. Tabbing three times will ultimately bring up the image of the selected file (I hadn’t been aware of the tabbing function but still doesn’t seem that this is working properly to get to the correct item).

I’m using OX 10.13.4 and Tropy 1.1.3

Oh, I think I misunderstood the problem. You’re talking about when switching between table and grid view (i.e., changing the zoom level), not about ‘opening’ the item and then going back to the project view?

If that’s the case, you’re right, there are some issues of adjusting scroll offsets (currently working on that!).

Yes, table to grid; I was using the terminology from the Documentation :upside_down_face: Glad you’re aware and working on this!

Since I’m also having an issue with list view behavior, I thought I’d post it here (new to the forum).

I have hundreds of photos that I’m merging into individual items, and then numbering those items ABC 1, ABC 2, ABC 3, etc. Let’s say there are such 11 items (there are hundreds actually).

But when I got to ABC 10, the list view (sorted by title) began to show the items like this: ABC 1, ABC 10, ABC 11, and then ABC 2, ABC 3, etc.

Is this a bug? Or normal behavior? I want to sort it by title, and cannot find a way to actually have the items (not individual photos) listed in a normal sequence… Help appreciated!

(PS using Tropy 1.2.0 on Mac)

All values in the table are currently sorted as strings, so “ABC 10” indeed comes before “ABC 2”. For more details, please see this post.

As a workaround to get numeric order, you would have to ensure each number has the same number of digits (i.e, “ABC 02” comes before “ABC 11”). In the long term, we’ll be looking to add support for more value types and improved sorting for partially numeric values.

Thanks! This is really helpful. I’ll renumber with 001-style numbers. It confused me because when I was tinkering with it items named “ABC 103” were not messing up the order in the same way as “ABC 10”. I have to admit it wasn’t intuitive for me but it’s an easy adjustment. Thanks.