Lists inheritance

When creating a tree view of lists like that :

  • A List
    • B List
      • C List

If you drag and drop a picture file into the C list then your file is not registered as a part of B list or A list (I mean that when the picture file is selected in the main view there is no little square next to the A and B list in the left side pane and the picture file does not appear in the main view of A or B list).

Buf if you do drop your picture file first in the A list and then drag it to B or C list, then you’ve got the little square next to the A list and/or the B list.

Is there any reason to the behavior I described ? Maybe an option I’m missing or a future feature planned ?

Thanks for your work,

The square is a marker to help you see which lists hold any of the currently selected items. If you drag an item into list A and then into list C (for example), you added that item to both these lists. If you add an item only to list C, it is only in that list – it isn’t automatically ‘in’ list A or B.

We’re considering adding ways to search for all the items in a list and all of its nested lists in the future. The main reason why this is not the default behavior is because of another property of lists: in a list, items can have an explicit order – currently the order is set, based on when items are added/removed from the list, but we’re going to allow drag/drop to re-order items in lists.