Long image display error

Hello Dear Developer

I am a researcher in Chinese art history. Ancient Chinese paintings are often very long. For example, the size of a certain painting is 31cm X 1045cm. when I import such a long drawing into tropy(win1.15.2 (x64)), it will show up as a long black bar (thumbnail normal). When I reduced the file size, some of the long images could be displayed, but they were very unclear.Is there a solution for this?

Finally, tropy is an amazing software that has helped me a lot in my research. Thank you very much for creating such great software.

How big is the image in pixels? My guess is that the width probably exceeds the maximum texture size of your GPU (this is likely the case if the width is above 8k or 16k pixels). This is currently a known limitation of the image viewer. The workaround would be to resize the original image.

In the future we’d like to detect such images and spilt them into smaller parts and then display them side by side.


I tried it and you’re right. The original image was 30k x 800 pixels and when I split it to 10k width it was displayable.

Thanks for your patience in answering.

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This probably explains why a “giga macro” image I imported does not show in the photo view (I can’t check its width in pixels right now). It is an image of a banknote composed by 16 macro photos (possibly more), stitched with PTGui.

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