Lost everything

Sorry I am not speaking very good english, I hope my message come in the right place.

Can you help me I have a big bug.
I am rather new on Tropy.
I worked during 2 weeks on tropy and then made a mistake by moving and renaming the source folder where my images are stored. I thought I could restore the path by pointing it out, which I thought I could, but in fact after a backup, it was impossible to restore the path to the classified images and metadata. Tropy is completely buggy and doesn’t display anything, only an error message in gray. What can I do? Can I manually set the path to the images? Or is everything irretrievably lost and needs to be redone? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi! Don’t worry, as long as you have not deleted the project file, it should be possible to restore everything.

Just to recapitulate, you renamed the folder holding your photos and then tried to consolidate the photo paths – but then you mention something about a backup and that consolidating the paths was impossible afterwards? What exactly went wrong there? And what is the error message you see at startup now?