mac and windows compatibility

Good morning,
I have a question: I made a search with my Mac containing several images that I have stored on my NAS. On the Nas there is also the project.
Opening the project with a surface (windows) with the local network, I see the project but the images do not. How can I solve?
Thank you

Did you change the project settings to link photos relative to the project file?

no, I would not want the project made on the mac to follow a path that the surface does not find

Right, you want to keep the photos and the project file on your NAS from where you’d like to open it on either your Mac or Surface. Since Windows and macOS use different file systems the absolute paths to the photos, which are stored in your project by default, can’t work on both operating systems at the same time. Therefore, you need to use relative paths.

When you switch to relative paths, it’s important that you do it on the device where the paths are currently working – that is, from your Mac. When the photos are linked relative to the project file correctly, both devices should then find them.