Make Image Full Screen in Item View

Is there any way to hide the metadata pane when looking at a particular item (so that the image itself fills the screen)? Thanks!

Bump :slight_smile: This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement and would be super useful, especially when using Tropy as a base for accessing images for transcription using a separate program.


Any plans to implement this? I don’t see an option for hiding the pane in the current version (1.11.1). It certainly would be helpful when transcribing.

You can hide the image viewer’s toolbar (if the mouse is outside the viewer) in the preferences. But I assume you mean hiding (or minimizing) the metadata panel? We’ll have to consider it; would you expect the panel to stay minimized when you switch back and forth between project and item view?

Yes, the metadata panel. When transcribing you need as much screen “real estate” as possible so the image is large enough to avoid zooming and scrolling. I would think it would minimize/maximize on a toggle along the left edge or at the top left somewhere; perhaps a hotkey. When switching between project and item view I would vote for resetting to the default condition (open).

I second this feature request. The ability to toggle the metadata panel in item view would be very useful, especially to users transcribing on a small monitor.