Make left pane collapsible in document view?


If the left pane (with metadata/tags and the photos list below) were collapsible (like brightness/saturation etc) this would make the document view much more useful when the monitor is in portrait orientation.

At the moment, the left pane is so large, that it ends up scaling down the document to a size that is rather difficult to read.

You can resize the panel, but yes, there’s currently a minimum width defined there. We have plans to allow you to hide the panels (and the sidebar in the project view) completely, however, we have other priorities in the current development cycle so I can’t promise that we’ll be able to add this soon.

If it were simply resizable to 0, that would be sufficient (even though it might not be ideal from a design perspective, it would add a lot of utility).

Thumbs up for a collapsible sidebar!
I currently work by resizing the Tropy window to exceed the screen width in order to hide the metadata sidebar and properly read the content in my pictures. (I’m obliged to do it also in landscape mode)

This is a great tip, thanks!!