Manage data tags (group by theme, batch delete unused)

This is a lovely product. Thank you for creating it.

If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like the design team to consider a couple of features. Eventually, my database will include over 2,000 letters with 23 different tag categories (Subject gender, Subject age, Subject location, Healthcare provider, etc.) and hundreds of unique tags. Some of these tags are accidents (e.g. Writing “Subject location LLondon England” rather than “Subject location London England.”

Would it be possible to:

  1. group similar tags under tag folders (like iTunes, for instance)–this would save a lot of work scrolling through my 1,000+ tags.
  2. batch delete superfluous/accidental tags that are not connected to any items–this would save me a lot of work clicking each “empty” tag and deleting it manually… I probably have hundreds of these accidents.

Thanks again!

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Sorry, one more thing:

It would be extremely helpful if I could select multiple tags and batch edit them. For instance, as I was tagging my letters I used the same opening word “SYMPTOM” but then described the same symptom differently. For example, “SYMPTOM NOSEBLEED,” SYMPTOM BLOODY NOSE," “SYMPTOM PROJECTILE NOSEBLEED,” “SYMPTOM NOSEBLEED (CONTINUAL)” etc. It would be amazing if I could select all tags that are similar to each other and combine them under one tag.

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Thanks for this! We’re aware that the tag usage in most projects exceeds the anticipations of the current design. We’re going to re-implement the entire tag selection/management workflow and I’m going to link your ideas to our issue tracker.

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Great! Thank you. I know this is a work in progress. I’m looking forward to the additions!