Maximum number of photos that can be imported?

Is there a maximum total number of photos that Tropy can manage?

Not theoretically. :slight_smile: If you’re planning to import a large number all at the same time, you should be aware that it does take some time to import.

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Thanks! But then does this mean that – so long as photos are not all imported at the same time – a same project could contain hundreds of thousands of pictures? And then it would only be up to the user’s computer to deal with the huge amount of pictures?

I’m asking because I am currently using Tropy with a sub-project I’m working on, and enjoy it but the larger, overall project, would clearly involve a lot of pictures overall. But for sure not to be imported all at the same time.

How many photos does the project contain approximately?

I have a test project that I use for development with around 15k photos on a fast computer with a SSD drive; this works fine, for the most part, but, depending on your hardware there is definitely a point where some actions will start taking noticeably longer. That said, we want to optimize this further so that even very large projects (upwards of 100k photos) work well, but there has not been a lot of demand for this, so we have not prioritized this so far.

I currently have 8K photos and it works fine. It’s difficult to give an estimate of the total number of photos that I could have in the overall project, but this would surely be around the 100K photos figure you mention.

I wanted to check if there was a formal limit to the number of photos so that I don’t start uploading everything and find myself stuck at a later stage :slight_smile: