Merge tags / duplicate in item view / attach a tag to a specific part of an item


There are several features that I would particularly like to have in future versions of the software:

  • the feature to merge tags
  • the one that would allow to duplicate a document in the item view
  • the one that would allow to attach tags to a specific object in a item. To be able to tag a part of an image in a certain way and the other part with other descriptors. Currently the tags are for the whole item.

Thank you very much for all the work done and for this great software!



Hello and thanks for the suggestions!

We’re currently re-designing some fundamentals of the UI and I hope we’ll be able to address most of these. Specifically, merging tags is something that will hopefully land in one of the upcoming releases. Tagging within an item is also on our roadmap: attaching the tags itself is not the crucial part here, but utilizing those tags effectively. In other words, we need to be able to search within an item and highlight the results somehow – we’re still in the design phase with that. Most likely it will mean that you can filter what you see in an item (e.g., see only photos with a certain tag).

With duplicating an item in item view, do you mean you’d like the current functionality of duplicating an item but just access it in item view? That is, you’re viewing the item, decide to duplicate and this creates the duplicate and also switches the view to that one?

I’m so happy to see this is being worked on (tagging within an item)! Can you share when you think this feature might be shipped?

We’re still designing this feature so I really can’t make any promises. I hope that we’ll be able to work on it this year.