Messy imported photos order (different question than previous post on this topic)


I am new to Tropy. I downloaded images from several google photos folders. In those folders, the images are ordered according to the time and date I took them (the metadata on the original photos creates this order). My hand-written notes on each of these photos follows that order, moving chronologically. But when I import these photos (the entire folder of them) into Tropy, the order gets completely screwed up somehow, and this makes it unbelievably time consuming for me because I can no longer quickly follow my notes and enter new metadata and notes for the images.
I read on a previous post that they are listed in the order that they are imported. However, I am importing the entire downloaded folder of images at once. I thought that Tropy would logically follow the metadata of the original JPGs and import the earliest photos first (with the earliest time stamp) but this isn’t happening.
I would love to hear how I can correct this problem.


I’m afraid there’s no easy solution currently. Tropy imports the photo’s metadata at the photo level (including the date, if you use the default template); but we can sort items only by item properties not photo properties, because there’s no general 1:1 mapping between items and photos.

Currently, you’d have to copy the date of the photo-level to the item-level in the metadata panel; then you can sort the items based on this date.

We should make this process easier (or import the date also at the item level).