Metadata compatible with Adobe Bridge

hi, I’m wondering if it is possible yet to work with any of the same metadata on Tropy and Adobe Bridge. Meaning, to be able to enter metadata to a resource on Tropy and have it accessible on Bridge and vice versa.
I’ve seen various posts that somewhat relate to this from some years back, some referencing possible features that could be added to Tropy, but haven’t found updates about any such features.
I have a need to use both tools to organize and search through collections of archival media. I’ve started entering data in the Dublin Core template on Tropy but I’m not fully committed to any template yet. IPTC Extended seems to be the most potentially useful scheme that’s built in to Bridge, so I’d switch if I knew I could use that scheme in both places.
In my dim understanding this seems to be about Tropy’s capacity to add metadata to files themselves. So possibly my question is really about that - I can go and cite these other threads if that clarifies my question, but basically they’re the ones that come up in a search for “Adobe Bridge.” I appreciate any help on this!

Yes, Tropy currently only reads out IPTC metadata. We’d need to add writing IPTC back to the file either as a built-in or as an export plugin. Currently, Tropy never modifies the original files in any way, but obviously this would be a useful exception to the rule.