Metadata Information and Tags

Do yo have a complete list of what embedded metadat information formats Tropy supports and exactly what tags it looks at when importing? I used exiftool to write test data to all of the xmp-dc tags. But I can’t see all of the test data when I import the test jpg into Tropy, despite having specfied the appropriate tag. I’m wodering if Tropy is looking at a different tag.

Can you post an image you were using for testing?

Which embedded metadata fields are imported depends on the default templates (the default item and photo template in the preferences). When importing, those templates will be used and every metadata field that is present in your template and also in the metadata will be imported. For example, if your photo template contains dc:contributor and dc:contributor is also part of the XMP data embedded in the picture, the field should be imported on import.

Here are two images. There are only a couple of xmp-dc fields not pciked up on the JPG. But it seems as if none on a PDF - which I can’t upload?DC-Test-Vrsn01 Thanks.

Oh, it’s absolutely possible that we currently do not receive the XMP embedded in PDFs!

It would be great if Tropy could. I admire the foucus on DC and use it werever I can incuding PDFs. Did you establish why some of the xmp-dc tag on JPEGs weren’t being picked up? Best wishes, Graham

I’ll open an issue to track importing XMP embedded in PDF.

The JPEG above doesn’t have an XMP header as far as I can tell?

I use exiftool most of the time to populate embedded metadata. This shows the detail for the test image as the attached jpeg. All of the [xmp-dc] apears to be there?

It looks like the file you uploaded here was stripped (it has only 7.7K file size whereas the one in your screenshot seems to have 13K). Could you upload the file somewhere else and post a link so that I can take another look?

I’ve finally had the time to look at the original image. This is really interesting: for some reason dc:coverage, dc:format, dc:source, and dc:identifier are encoded differently than all the other properties in the embedded XMP. You can see this below:

We can certainly address this in Tropy, but I’m curious if you know why those fields are encoded differently in this example?

FYI this is fixed now and will go into the next point release.

That’s great - many thanks for such courteous service!