More Tag Colors and Arabic Font Change

A couple of small but impactful suggestions:

  1. Add more color options for tags. I’ve ran out!

  2. Update Tropy’s Arabic font to SF Arabic, which will match the rest of macOS (post-High Sierra) and is easier to read and better looking than the current font.

Keep up the good work!


thank you for your suggestions.

Re 1) We are looking forward to extend the existing color set while still keeping colored tags easily distinguishable.

Re 2) Good catch! Currently Arabic text is erroneously rendered in Times New Roman instead of SF Arabic, we will fix this as soon as possible.


@flachware This is just a friendly reminder to change the Arabic font in the macOS version of Tropy, at least. SF Arabic is much easier to read in lists than than the Times New Roman Arabic font. There have now been several (great) updates without this change since I mentioned this.

In other news, I’m currently loving the side-by-side view in Tropy 1.4. Thanks and looking forward to more!

We’re still tracking this issue upstream in Electron. Unfortunately, this is much harder to fix than it would seem, because it is impossible to select the SF system font on macOS directly: you select it by selecting the ‘system’ font and this is what Tropy does. However, there’s an issue in Electron which leads to selection of a poor fallback solution on macOS. We’ve been tracking this with the Electron team and there has actually been a change proposed back in November. However, this change has not been included in the latest release yet – but I hope it will find its way into one of the upcoming minor releases.

As a workaround, one thing you could try is to set a custom font in your stylesheet, using a font that includes Arabic characters (it is necessary for the main font to include the suitable glyphs, because otherwise the faulty fallback behavior will kick in).

Ok great, thanks for the update. Glad to know its still being attended to!