Move Tropy between computers: file path-ways



I apologize for asking this question again, but I’m not particularly good at technology. I had to move my Tropy project from my work computer to my personal laptop. I have access to the metadata and the project itself, but I cannot view the images in Tropy. As far as I understand, I have to re-path so that the images are visible again. I tried to do this with the instructions provided here on the forum, but I can’t even figure out what a project file is or how to work SQLite.

Thank you.

  • Julianne


Your project file is the .tpy file you created when you first started Tropy (by default it would have been placed in your Documents folder.

If you still have everything on your work computer then one way to make the move is this:

  • Close Tropy
  • Move the project file to the folder where your pictures are
  • (At this time, also make a backup copy of your project file just to be safe)
  • Start Tropy; because you moved your project file, your project won’t open automatically. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+O and select your project file in the open dialog to open it.
  • Open Tropy’s preferences and enable ‘Developer Mode’
  • Close the preferences window and, while your project is still open, select ‘rebase project’ from the Developer menu (do this only once!). There will be no visible change, but at this point you can close Tropy and copy the folder with your pictures and your project file to the laptop.
  • After you’ve opened the project on your laptop and all the photos were consolidated you can re-base the project again if you want to move the project file to a different location; you can also keep it portable (but make sure it always stays in the folder with your pictures).

Alternatively, we can update the paths in your project file. I’m happy to help you do this, if you can send me your project file here (or via private message) and tell me where the photos are located on your laptop.