Moving a .tpy file

When I created my project file, “EK.tpy”-- now reperesenting two years of work-- I did not pay much attention to its location. Now I want to move it to reside with the rest of the files relevant to this project. May I do that without confusing Tropy?

By default you can move around your project file independently of your photos (this is unless you’ve re-based the project to use relative paths). Before moving the file, make sure Tropy is closed (or at least the project is closed); after you move or rename the file, Tropy will not open it automatically at start-up (it may open an older project instead). That’s nothing to be concerned about, you can just open the project at its new location via File -> Open or by dragging and dropping the project file into the project window.

Thank you! The move worked, as you described.
Another question pertaining to reorganizing my folders. Excuse me if you’ve addressed this before.

  1. I want to consolidate the various folders from various archive visits as subfolders under one single folder (which I would consider a permanent location thereafter). I understand that because of the way Tropy indexes images, relocating folders will sever the connection between the image and its Tropy entry. I believe Tropy can re-index all of these files (“consolidation” or some such). Is this true?
  2. I know you have addressed this question before, but the answer does not make sense to me: I keep the .tpy file and all associated images in Dropbox. The Dropbox folder is synced to multiple computers. Thus the location of images is the same, relative to the Dropbox folder, on all of them. Nonetheless, Tropy only works properly on my main computer, where I created the .tpy project and originally filed the images. On my other devices, Tropy shows my metadata and notes, but cannot locate the images. Is this just the way it is, or is this the issue you will address in an update?
    Finally, I am utterly impressed by the speed and clarity with which you respond to queries about an open-source, not-for-profit and tremendously useful tool. Thank you.

I think you’re spot on regarding point one. Tropy, by default, stores your photos’ absolute paths, so by moving them Tropy will not be able to access them anymore. You can fix this, after the move, by consolidating the photos. If you’re mostly moving entire folders of photos, this should be very easy. This is explained in more detail in the user manual.

Alternatively, you can make Tropy use relative paths to store photos’ paths (relative either to the project file to your home directory); we used to call this ‘portable projects’ here on the forums, because it means that you can move the photos and your project file together (with absolute paths you can move the project file independently, but not the photos). Generally, absolute paths are better if you store the photos in many different locations; relative paths are better if you always keep your project file and photos close together.

This is also the answer to your second question; if you make your project use relative paths, the photos will be found on all your synced devices. In the current release, making a project portable is not very user-friendly (you need to enable dev-mode in the preferences and then use the ‘rebase’ toggle in the developer menu). In the upcoming release we’ve moved this to the preferences, so it will be more straightforward. Here’s a sneak-peak at how this currently looks: