Moving notes in note pane


I’m quite into using Tropy now and looking forward to new developments. As a feature request, I would like to be able to re-order notes in the note pane in the same manner one can re-order photos in the photo pane (than is, drag and drop notes).


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Would you like arrange all the notes of an item irrespective of the order of the corresponding photos? Just curious, because we haven’t quite figured out if the order should always follow the respective photos (that would mean you could re-order only notes attached to the same photo, which may seem strange in the UI).

Sorry for the late reply. We’re mainly looking at arranging the notes attached to a single photo. For example, we have some single-page contracts where someone has entered a transcription note, another summary note, and another note with a list of names/places. Ideally, we would like the functionality to move the order of these notes, if it were something that was relatively easy for you to implement.