Moving photos after import in Tropy 1.5.2 and later

Starting with Tropy 1.5.2 it should be much easier to move your photos after you import them into Tropy (including, moving your project and photos to a new computer). There are many threads here on the forums with advice on how to do this (basically, rewriting the photo paths in the database file using SQL or turning the project into a portable project and then move photos and project file together) – all of this is still valid advice and may be necessary in more complicated situations. However, for the common scenarios, we hope that moving photos will be relatively easy with Tropy 1.5.2 or later.

You can find out more about this in the user manual but the basic idea is that you manually consolidate just a single photo of each set of photos that you moved and Tropy should be able to consolidate all the other photos in that set automatically.

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