Moving tags + data to new computer

Hello! I’m new to tropy, but before I put a whole lot of time into starting a project on Tropy I’d like to know if I can move everything on to a new computer if necessary (and if there’s a way I should think about saving my files before I start my project to make it easier/possible)

I’m not getting a new computer yet, but given the state of my current one, it’s something I need to think about.

(I apologize if this info is somewhere else - if it is and you can point me in that direction I’d be happy)

If your project size allows for it, I would recommend a single folder per project. The folder should contain your project file and all the photos. It’s OK to create sub-folders for the photos, if you prefer, the important thing is that if both your photos and project file are in a single folder, it is much easier to backup, archive, or move the entire project.

There are performance benefits if your project file is on your fastest hard drive, so for large projects it’s often better to store the project file on your main drive and keep the photos on larger (possibly external) drives or even scattered across different locations. But keeping everything in one place certainly makes handling the project much easier.