My project disappeared

A few months ago I uploaded a whole bunch of pictures, texts, and so forth as a means to create a digital archive for my bachelor’s thesis. I am now writing the thesis, and I opened trophy and the whole project disappeared. When I opened trophy around the 16th of May the project was still in there. Can I somehow retrieve this? These were days of work in archives, I cannot do this all again.

Where did you save the project? And is the project still there? By default, Tropy will save projects in your Documents folder, but it ultimately depends on the location you pick when creating the project.

Normally, Tropy will open the most recently used project at startup. It’s possible that you had opened a different project in between and therefore Tropy won’t open your original project anymore. In any case, in the new project window there should be a list with all the projects you’ve opened before (unless the list was cleared). Do you see your project on that list? You should be able to open it from there unless you moved or renamed the project file. If that’s the case, you can look for the project in your file manager and open it from its new location.