Need some help to export to

Hi !

I created an account on, activated API and add API key to my user. Then I installed Omeka’s plugin and configure it as it explained in the user guide but nothing happens. :roll_eyes:

My url is and seems to work.

Somebody can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you export one item and then post the tropy.log file here?

Thanks for your reply. Here is the log file : tropy.log (10.7 KB)

There is no mention of the export in your log file. Did you try to export an item? If you right click on an item (or multiple items) you should find your Omeka plugin instance in the export sub-menu: please copy the log file only after the export was issued otherwise we can’t tell what happened from the logs.

Hum… However, I try to export an item before copy the log file. My Omeka instance is displayed in the export sub-menu but click on it seems do nothing. :confused:
I’ll try using an other computer.

So I tried on an other Windows computer and indeed an error occurs which is added to the log file. Strange that it’s not the same behavior when I use Tropy on my MacBook…
So I share you the log file. Hope it helps you to fix problem.

tropy.log (9.6 KB)

Oh, I see what the error is now, we’ll have to update the Omeka plugin. Thanks for reporting this!

Ok thanks. Do you have an idea of when you can fix that ?
Sorry for this question, it’s just because I need to share some items to a collaborator and I wish to know if I can wait or if I do otherwise.

This should be a quick update, hopefully we have it ready tonight.

OK good ! I’ll wait… :smile: Thank you very much. I hope you will not encounter any complication.

I updated the Omeka plugin (will upload it to GitHub shortly), but unfortunately there is another complication (my apologies that you seem to be hitting all of these!). We added a security policy recently which forbids Tropy to make outgoing HTTP requests by default… obviously that totally defeats the purpose of the Omeka plugin. Updating the security policy is trivial, but we need to do that in Tropy itself (not the plugin), so this will go into 1.5.2, planned to be released this weekend.

I think the quickest solution for you probably is to try to do the export in Tropy 1.4 or wait a few more days for 1.5.2.

Hi ! Thanks ! It works with Omega S and Tropy 1.5.2. However, it’s impossible to export items to Omeka classic (hosting on using this plugin, isn’t it ?

Yes, the plugin supports only Omeka S.